Matthew Songmaker



Matthew Songmaker is a musician who comes from the small mountain community of Shingletown, California. He is 15 years old. His ethnic background includes Inuit (Eskimo) and he traces his roots back to the Aleutian Islands and Haines, Alaska. Songmaker is his tribal name.

His musical instrument of choice is the fiddle, but he is quite comfortable playing the guitar, mandolin, banjo, standup bass, saxophone and accordion as well. He also sings and has written some of his own material.

He frequently plays with his band the Mountain Messengers. This bluegrass group was formed by the then 12 year old multi-instramentalist Matthew Songmaker and supported by a pan-generational lineup since - especially Lloyd Raeg and George Fredson. In addition to bluegrass, the band plays a variety of Americana music, including, gospel, country and blues.

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